Settlement Videos: How to Rocket Your Case to Settlement


Outlining the composition of this post while standing on my terrace last Monday morning staring at the beautiful sight of the space shuttle Endeavour climbing through the clear, morning sky, I thought about the sheer power it must take to power this vessel into orbit.  Still pics do not really do it justice, but video andbeing there live really brings home the power that it takes to lift this over 7-ton baby into space.  Just like settlement and mediation videos should if produced in the correct manner.  The amount of prep, pre-production, shooting and editing of a settlement video is similar to the preparation involved with the launch of the Endeavour.  And as with the actual launch of Endeavour, the launching and presenting of your settlement or mediation video becomes a very critical time, as in any high-stakes, high-value litigation strategy. 

You must plan appropriately and strategically when to present your video to the other side.  You must also devise a plan so that your video zooms over the heads of the defense attorneys and lands into the laps of the true decision makers and check-writers in your case.  You already know that every motion that you have won and every successful move you have made in your case so far has been filtered down by the defense attorneys in their conversations with their adjusters and claims representatives.  Premiering your settlement or mediation video so that the maximum amount of claims representatives have a chance to view it and send it up the ladder just makes good sense for the advancement of your case and completely blows out the filtration and criticism that your case has already received.  It also prevents the untimely, unavoidable delays and roadblocks set up by defense attorneys.  

A professionally produced, compelling video that captures all of the elements of your case tells the other side that you are fully prepared and ready for trial and gives them a sneak preview of what the jury will see and hear, all in a compressed period of time.  The proper timing and distribution of DVD’s of your settlement video, as well as its posting to a safe and secure viewer website will guarantee that your case will be examined and evaluated by the most important decision makers and in the end, that you gave it the best launch possible.  So, are you ready to zoom along with your case?